The Best Lighting For Your Makeup Mirror

The Best Lighting For Your Makeup Mirror

Applying makeup properly is an important thing that every woman is keen on. Unfortunately sometimes after applying your makeup, you may be surprised that it is not perfect or marred by some errors that were not apparent to you at home. For example, the foundation cream may be uneven Or the eye-shadow is not the color that you thought you applied.

All this can happen due to poor lighting of your makeup mirror.

When it comes to applying makeup, there are some lighting factors that you should always consider:

1- Use natural light whenever possible, it is the cheapest and easiest way to get the best lighting for makeup. And you can put the mirror near the window.

2- Avoid using overhead lighting only. Harsh overhead lights accentuate every small blemish, and this can happen when makeup is applied under a single toplight.

3- Do not overuse the electric force. The best makeup lighting is anything that produces soft lighting that is not very bright.

4- Use multiple light sources, and this is available to you in mirrors surrounded by electric lamps like movie stars in their changing rooms.

Therefore, Enarat provides you with different types of mirrors surrounded by lamps, and can be identified through 

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