Hotels Lighting

Hotels Lighting

Make your hotel more comfortable by using special lighting units from Enarat.

Enarat is the the appropriate place to supply hotels with the best lighting units, in cooperation with the largest production and manufacturing companies in chandeliers and lighting units, like Kandil Egypt

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Enarat provides you all needs to light your hotel:

You will find various chandeliers and lighting units suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as reception, in various lengths and sizes.


Comfort and safety:

Lighting is very important for the general atmosphere, and it is necessary to make your hotel comfortable and pleasant.
Enarat  provides you with a group of lighting units with many characteristics, including remote lighting control and other ways to make it easier.



Enarat provides a wide range of lighting units in various shapes and tastes, including modern, classic and retro styles.

Ease of ordering and delivery:

From your place, you can browse and choose your lighting units from many products through the website.

Payment facilities:

Enarat provides you with many payment methods, including cash and installments, and by visa

Right lighting distribution:

Enarat dealing with a group of the largest companies with extensive experience in the manufacture and production of lighting units, which guarantees the customer to purchase units with high quality specifications and ensures good use of each unit and proper lighting distribution.

 LED lighting products

Enarat provides electricity-saving LED lighting products with the highest quality and best prices.

Suitable lighting units for rooms

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