5 most common lighting distribution mistakes

5 most common lighting distribution mistakes

Do you feel tight or depressed while sitting in one of your rooms?

Do you find it difficult  to concentrate and fall asleep when you read anything?

If you have these problems, the following lighting distribution article is made for to you!living room lighting distribution mistakes

Lighting units have become an essential part of the home decor. fashion styles have evolved so that you can use the perfect lighting units to show the elegancy of the decor. who does not like the change that brings energy in life, which reflect our mood significantly. that’s why décor experts advise people to consider many lighting concepts suitable for each room, identify the 5 most common mistakes for lighting distribution and to achieve balanced lighting for each room.

  1. Distributing a large number of light bulbs over the room ceiling randomly is totally wrong. These bulbs are even cheap and don’t cost much but they consume a large amount of electricity and provide only vertical lighting distribution on the place where it is placed not the entire room. This sometimes reflects a cave-like lightening where the surrounding walls remain dark.

  2. When you choose the bathroom lighting, do not position the light source directly on the tub. Instead, it should be mixed up with another light source to avoid making a shadow on the mirror on both sides. This makes the simplest shaving tasks difficult as the lighting will not be evenly distributed. You can only use direct lighting to focus and grab the attention to a specific painting on the wall to double its aesthetic value but not with lightings facing the mirror.bathroom toilet lighting distribution mistakes

  3. Strong lighting is bad and dim light is bad as well.The lighting of your home should not depend on a single source of light. Low lighting may weaken our eyes and reflect a feeling of indolence. That’s why decor experts recommend creating an effective lighting distribution plan that contains more than a one light source.bedroom lighting distribution mistakes

  4. Do not combine more than one lighting source into a single control switch. Especially in the living room, dining room or multi-function family rooms. Decor experts recommend using a separate control switch for each lighting unit, giving you more freedom to choose different kinds of lighting sources. The lighting you need for a birthday party is different than watching a cozy family movie on the weekend.

  5. Do not be fooled by the decorative style of the lighting unit rather than its functional value. Decor experts therefore recommend balancing between the functional value of any lighting unit and the aesthetic touch as a decorative element in the room.kitchen dining lighting distribution mistakes

– Note: It is recommended to make the distance between the dining table and the nearest lighting unit not less than 90 CMs. We prefer to use the yellow lighting units to help you feel warm, comfortable, relaxed and calm.

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