How To Choose The Right Lighting Units For Each Room In Your Home

How To Choose The Right Lighting Units For Each Room In Your Home

Lighting units are now available in different shapes and tastes, between classic and modern flair, and the combination of them, and then there are countless options for lighting your home. Now you can get to know the appropriate lighting unit for every room in your home

1- Entrance and pathway lighting

The most important thing is the appropriate choice of entrance chandeliers, and it makes a good impression about your home. For small spaces, it is preferable to place small chandeliers, but if the entrance of your home is large or has stairs, then a large chandelier is the best choice. Make sure to hang any chandeliers or entrance hangers at least 2 meters above the ground to give enough space for movement.

2- Dining room lighting

Small dining room tables with round or square shapes suit small-sized chandeliers. Center the chandelier over a table rather than in the middle of a room. The dining room chandeliers are usually at their best height between 75-91cm from the table top, this allows for enough space for flower arrangements.

3- Living room chandeliers

To choose the right size of chandeliers for your living room, you will need to look at the ceiling height and the height of the coffee table. For ceilings 2.40 m high and tables 90 cm high, choose chandeliers about 61 cm high. For ceilings of 2.80 m, it is preferable to use 91 cm. The size of the chandelier is not more than 183 cm in the living room with a ceiling of 3.5 meters.

4- Kitchen lighting

The kitchen requires high-quality lighting, and it is often necessary to combine a central overhead pendant with side light sources to get the best lighting. It is a good idea to consider choosing kitchen lighting that is easy to clean.

5- Bedroom lighting

Lighting units are now available in a variety of shapes and designs, making you enjoy a calm atmosphere in your bedroom. High ceilings work well with large, patterned or stepped chandeliers, and large, unshaded lamps work well in bedrooms that rely on chandeliers for their main lighting. Get creative with lighting beside your bed by hanging small wall lamps instead of table lamps, which saves space.

6- Children’s bedroom lighting

Children’s rooms also deserve great lighting. Make your child’s space brighter by using fun pendants that suit his interests and style.

7- Bathroom lighting

The master bathrooms look particularly luxurious with brass or crystal trim designs taking center stage, while the small bathrooms and guest baths look elegant with little pendants. When choosing bathroom lighting, be sure to choose a unit designated for wet locations – this is a must for any lighting unit placed directly over a bathtub or shower.

8- Office room lighting

A well-lit workspace is essential for daily productivity, and the right lighting unit can make your office room more energetic and aid creativity. Place the multiple pendants directly above your desk for more light, and feel free to experiment different styles of lighting.

Now you can choose the right lighting for each room, and ُEnarat team is always at your service

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