How ceiling fans with lights enhance a room’s décor

How ceiling fans with lights enhance a room’s décor

Ceiling fans are one of the best methods used to overcome high temperatures, and now they are available in many shapes and colors, and they are also available with new features and designs.

And among the latest innovations in this regard were modern ceiling fans equipped with lighting, as their function is no longer limited to ventilation only, but has become used for lighting and as an important decorative piece in the room.

Regular ceiling lights can be replaced with a ceiling fan with lights to provide an energy efficient home lighting alternative that also helps cool down a room. This is the unique feature that these products offer – combining these two basic functions in one place.

Types of Ceiling Fans with Light:

  • Downlights Ceiling Fans:

In this type the lighting unit is installed under the fan motor, providing direct lighting to the room.

And it is now available in multiple patterns and colors, suitable as a distinct decorative piece in the room.

  • Ceiling fans with overhead lighting:

In this type the lighting unit is installed above the fan motor, providing indirect lighting over the entire room, spreading upwards towards the ceiling.

This type is ideal for creating a comfortable atmosphere in the room and featuring elegant lighting, usually preferred in bedrooms.

And one of the important developments that happened with fans with lights is the availability of LED lighting, which helps in saving electricity consumption and also protecting the environment.

Therefore, Enarat has provided its customers with many different shapes and designs of ceiling fans with lighting, you can see it through

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