Create Valentine’s Day decorations in simple steps

Create Valentine’s Day decorations in simple steps

Valentine’s Day is considered an important occasion for many, and it is common that any celebration is associated with special decorations and special lights.

So we offer you some simple steps to make DIY Valentine’s Day decor


1- Heart-shaped balloons

2- Red or pink thread (woolen threads can be used)

3- White glue

4- LED light strips can be charged by connection with a battery


1- Blow up a group of balloons

2- Fill a bucket with diluted glue (70% glue to 30% water)

3- Cut the strings into equal lengths (about 2 meters)

4- Dip the thread into the glue bucket until it is covered completely, then pull the thread slowly and squeeze it in order to get rid of the excess glue.

5- Carefully wrap string around the balloons until they get a suitable shape.

6- Hang the balloons until the strings are completely dry, for a period of 24 to 48 hours

7- Pop the balloons and deflate them

8- Pass the light strip through the holes in the strings

Now you have made very cheerful Valentine’s Day decorations using simple tools at little cost

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