5 Tips for lighting your home in a distinctive way

Home is the most place a person can find his comfort in, and therefore you should exploit all possibilities to enjoy a quiet home.
One of the most important factors that participate in the tranquility of the home and adding aesthetic touches is lighting, whether it is natural (its source is the sun or candles) or industrial (its source is light bulbs).

Here are some tips to help you light your home properly:

1 – Consider the use of natural light
For example, natural light comes from the sun or stoves and candles. You should consider using daylight when designing your room and then curtains are needed to control the light.
If your room needs more natural light, consider hanging a mirror opposite to the window so that the natural glow is automatically amplified throughout the day.

2- Choose the bulbs you use carefully

You should choose your bulbs based on several considerations, including:
The area that you want to cover. Depending on the space, you can specify the number of watts for each room.
Comfortable light for your eyes, daylight or yellow light.

3 – Think about using all kinds of lighting units, including:

  • Ceiling fixtures such as pendants and Track Lights.
  • Task lights such as Table Lamps and Floor Lamps.
  • Wall lights like Wall Lamps.

4 – Take into consideration the effect of lighting on mood
Lighting plays a big role in influencing the mood, so you must choose lighting units that suit your taste and your home furnishings so as not to negatively affect your mood.

5- Consider the uses of the room
For example, kitchens require bright general lighting as well as additional lighting for work surfaces and prep areas, and living rooms and family rooms require table lamps as well as low-level lighting to watch TV without glare. It is best to light the bathrooms with fixtures installed above or on each side of the mirror, so that shadows are reduced.

Now you can choose your home lighting according to these criteria very simply.

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